ECUMaster Flex Fuel Sensor

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Our Flex Fuel Sensor Kits are designed for use with aftermarket ECUs capable of reading an ethanol content sensor. The use of a Flex Fuel Sensor with the ECUMaster EMU Classic and Black allows for blending of fuel, ignition, engine start, and boost control tables. Our Flex Fuel Sensor Kits are built around the most accurate ethanol content sensor on the market, capable of providing the ECU with an ethanol content and fuel temperature reading within a quarter of a second of start-up.

Installation is straightforward; just install the sensor in the fuel feed or return line and connect three wires to switched 12 volts, ECU ground, and the output signal wire to the "cam sync 2" pin on the EMU Classic or the dedicated Flex Fuel pin on EMU Black.

Care should be taken not to exceed the maximum flow rate of the sensor of 400 liters per hour, which may cause signal instability. In some applications, a bypass loop will need to be incorporated into the feed or return line to accommodate the ethanol content sensor.