Tenaci Adjustable Hydraulic Clutch Release Bearing

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Tenaci Adjustable Hydraulic Clutch Bearing fits various gearboxes such as BMW ZF, Toyota V160, Samsonas Dogbox, Sellholm MPG etc etc thanks to the variability of bolt pattern in the bottom foot.

Inlet & bleeder threads: 3/8-24

There are 3 different bearing sizes to choose from. Choose which size clutch you have below
1. Small Bearing, 184/200 mm
This option fits all 184/200 mm clutches including Tenaci as well as other manufacturers.

2. Medium Bearing, 215-240 mm (not Tenaci clutches)
This bearing can be used for clutches from other manufacturers with sizes from 215-240 mm. Example is Sachs 765, Sachs 243, Tenaci Black 243

3. Big Bearing, 240 mm (only Tenaci 240mm clutches)
This bearing fits only the 240 mm Tenaci Race Clutches.

The adjustable bearing can be locked in position both with the screw aswell as the included lock nut on the foot. See pictures..