Plug and Play 2003-2004 Nissan 350Z VQ35DE

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WHP Plug and Play adapter for the Nissan 350Z allows for plug and play installation of the EMU Black standalone ECU. All ECUs are sold separately. This adapter retains all factory functionality except cruise control (which may be added in a later firmware update). DBW and variable cams are supported. This ECU is ideal for customers looking to maximize their gains with bolt-ons, and especially for customers that have added forced induction.

A base map is available in the downloads section of this website for a naturally aspirated VQ35 with bolt-on modifications.

This adapter supports the 2003-2004 VQ35DE with manual transmission. Automatic transmission is not supported, nor are the Rev Up or HR variants of the VQ35.

What's in the box

  • Nissan 350Z EMU Black PNP Adapter
  • Installation Instructions


    For ECUMaster EMU First Start Checklist, base tunes, EMU Client tuning software, PnP adapter diagrams, and other helpful technical documents, please visit our DOWNLOADS section.