DOMIWORKS BMW M57N 8HP 45/50/70/75 N57 B58 B57 ADAPTER KIT

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MW M57N 8HP 45/50/70/75 N57 B58 B57 Adapter Kit

Do you want to mate your M57 with a newer 8HP gearbox this is the adapter plate for you. 

Adapter kit to fit a BMW 8HP 45/50/7075 N57 B58 B57 gearbox to a BMW M57N engine.

Adapter plate and made out of high grade aluminum and natural anodized for a premium feel and experience.

Adapter plate thickness is 15mm.

Comes with access hole and cover to be able to tighten the bolts to the converter.

Use a standard 8HP70 N57 flexplate which can be bought as an option.

Adapter kit includes:

- 8HP70 N57 Adapter plate

- Mounting hardware such as bolts and dowels