WISEFAB BMW E36 / E46 Front DIY Drift Kit

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The long awaited BMW E36 / E46 DIY "DO IT YOURSELF" kit is finally here!
Have you ever wanted to drive a Wisefab with your E36 / E46 BMW but it is too expensive or too wide to fit your car? Now you have the opportunity to modify the OEM E36 control arms and build the kit that fits to your E36 and E46 chassis (Yes, you read that right, the E36 control arm for the E46 chassies). It requires quite a bit of measuring, cutting and welding, but the result is the best and most cost-effective and capable lock-kit that is suitable for both street and competition use.
  • The Knuckle add-on is the same classic Wisefab part we've used on our pro kits for many years.
  • The wishbone extension, lock-stopper, bearing housing and the bearing itself are also made of the same material we use in the pro kit.
  • Camber plates are not included and are optional and can be purchased separately. LINK FOR E36 & E46 Camber plates HERE.
  • Tie rods (inner and outer) are not included. However, the necessary parts can be conveniently purchased from any spare parts store. For inner tie rods use Ford/Mazda part number EC0132240 or YL8Z3280EA. For tie rod ends use Ford/Mazda part number EC0132280 or 5L843289AA. NB! When buying tie rods make sure the inner end (rack side) is M14x1,5 male and outer end M16x1.5 male thread.

NB! Be sure to read the installation manual both before and after purchase. This gives a good overview of the tools and workload required.