FEAL SUSPENSION Nissan S13 Coilover Kit 441 PRO Long Stroke

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Each shock is designed with Feal Suspension expertise and success in many top-level international motorsports and through years of experience tuning various shock brands. Feal Suspension strongly believe that the 441 coilovers have an edge on shock design that gives you confidence and a competitive advantage where needed most.
Nissan S13 Coilover Kit with two spring options:
8KG Front - 5KG Rear...For SR, LS and other aluminium engine blocks
12KG Front - 5KG Rear...For JZ, and other heavy iron engine blocks
  • Pro Long Stroke (with helper spring front)
  • High Flow Precision Damping(HFPD)
  • One way adjustable, 30 click spectrum
  • Upgradable to 442 and 443
  • Teflon injected spherical top mounts front and rear
  • Corrosion resistant coating + Anodized aluminium parts
  • Super low friction seals and rod guide bushings
  • Monotube
  • Independent height adjustment