ECUMASTER DET3+ 4 Bar MAP Piggyback Unit

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 is the most popular piggyback tuning device in Europe. Despite its small size, the DET3 is an extremely capable piggyback tuning device. The DET3 allows for the removal of the airflow meter on most applications, and ignition timing can be monitored and adjusted via 16x16 tables. The parametric output channels can be configured to control  boost with the use of a boost control solenoid, nitrous activation, water or methanol injection control, etc. Launch control and map switching are also among the advanced features available to the end user. In "Fuel Implant" mode, the DET3 operates much like a standalone ECU, calculating fuel requirements based on RPM, IAT, CLT, TPS and even O2 feedback, and can drive up to 4 injectors directly (in normal installations the injectors are not controlled directly, so the DET3 can be used with any number of injectors, you are not limited to 4). The DET3 is a comprehensive piggyback device and is equipped with a 4 bar MAP sensor.


  • Four 16x16 tables (fuel map,two PWM tables, ignition table)
  • 8 Correction tables, 16x1
  • 2 Independent switchable map sets
  • Built-in 4 bar MAP sensor
  • Capable of modifying one analog signal
  • 4 Analog inputs
  • Internal datalogging with built-in flash memory
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Supports frequency output air flow meters (for signal modification) 17Hz-4kHz
  • Supports VR and Hall effect crank sensors as well as ignition module signals.
  • Supports both single ended and differential signals
  • Supports all common crank trigger patterns: 60-2, 36-2, 36-1, Multitooth, Ignition Modules and more
  • Parametric output can be configured for boost control
  • Output for 4 high impedance injectors in batch fire (only used in "Fuel Implant" mode, not when installed as a piggyback
  • ON/OFF parametric output
  • Automatic conversion of MAP to MAF with the use of the learning algorithm
  • Launch control
  • Road dyno
  • Supports individual calibration of each analog sensor – device displays values with correct units
  • Free firmware updates – new crank trigger patterns and new functionality
  • Fuel Implant mode – drive injectors in standalone mode (batch fire)
  • USB communication, cable included
  • 24 month warranty


  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Screen resolution of at least 1024x768 16bit
  • CPU with a clock of at least 600MHz
  • USB port


  • Digital ECU Tuner 3+ 4 Bar MAP sensor
  • Pre-terminated wiring harness
  • USB cable
  • Connector
  • Terminals
  • Card with link to software and driver downloads available for free from
  • Set of resistors and diodes (used in some applications)