Tenaci BMW M5x/S5x Twin 240mm clutch kit

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Tenaci twin 240mm clutch kit
Complete kit with clutch, flywheel, clutch bearing & clutch arm adjuster as shown on pictures. Applicable: M50/M52/M54/S50/S54

Same bolt pattern as Sachs 765, but compare to Sachs clutch pressure hold at 1350 kg's, Tenaci 240mm holds 1500 kg and have a shorter spring travel and softer pedal force to engage!

* Rated to 1800 NM

* Clutch pressure holds 1500 kg

* 6mm spring travel to engage compare to 9mm on Sachs 765

* 300 kg engage force compare to 400 kg on Sachs 765

Kit includes:

* Tenaci twin disc 240mm clutch (Optional hub splines, choose in options menue)

* M50 model Flywheel

* Clutch bearing

* Clutch arm adjuster

M50 Starter might be needed to used to work with this setup.